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La Taquería

Everyday (and all day), our Leipzigerstraße restaurant transforms into a Real 100% Mexican Taquería.


Regarded as the most delicious and nutritious recipe in the world, we have for you: Tacos al Pastor. It’s the favorite taco of every Mexican.


We take one of our delicious burrito tortillas as if we were to prepare a Quesadilla, but then we add up Pastor meat, coriander, onion and pineapple to create this delicacy.


El Alambre is the third member of the famous trio that is featured in every taquería in Mexican territory: onion, paprika and Pastor meat combined to quench your appetite.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pastor meat?

24hrs marinated pork with a combination of dried chillies and Mexican spices; cooked on a vertical rotisserie.

why are they the favorite tacos?

You can find this kind of tacos from coast to coast. north to south, east to west. With different and peculiar taste, you could have Tacos al Pastor everywhere throughout Mexico.

when is a good time for tacos?

While in Mexico, it’s common to have them weekends in the evening, before or after going out. Here in Frankfurt, LIKE IN MEXICO, you will find Tacos al Pastor all day everyday.

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